Steven Ham

Manufacturing / Operations Innovator

Manufacturing Operations Executive directing high-volume, multi-plant operations.

Proven track record in revitalizing stagnant functions, driving quality improvements, improving profits, controlling costs, expediting products to market, and achieving genuine results. Positive work philosophy and team orientation underscore solid business acumen to achieve key objectives for productivity, quality, and time-critical deadlines.

Worked across industries including; safety lighting (LED), wire harness, tooling (molds and dies), motorcycle lighting, plastics and retail. Experienced in many facets of industries including Metal Stamping, Powered Coat, Assembly, Wire Processing, Plastic Injection Molding, Mold and Die Tooling, Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Automation, Robotics, Plastic Joining, and Vision systems.

Passionate about using my leadership skills to inspire a team to achieve world-class manufacturing.

Thought Leadership

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MBA in Industrial Management from Baker



Speaking Engagements:
~ "Robots - Las Vegas" - Robotic Industries Association, 2006
~ "Assess, Design, and Engineer Your Own Automation" - Robotic Industries Association Forum, 2002

~ "Affordable Automation for Small and Medium Facilities" Mfg. Insights Videos 2004
~ "Machine Vision Boosts Assembly Line Quality" Quality Magazine, September 2001
~ "Southland Firms Built Economic Foundation" The Kansas City Star, January 2001