Get to Know Our Veteran Management Consulting Firm

A Focus on Core Challenges. A Catalyst for Change.

Core Catalysts is a management consulting firm based in Kansas City. We serve a nationwide list of clients across a diverse range of industries. We are a top-quality delivery organization, on time and on budget 100% of the time, delivering results that meet, and typically exceed, the expectations of our client.

Core Catalysts provides premier services such as process improvement, IT implementation, product and service commercialization, revenue enhancement, financial modeling, program/project management, software selection, and much more.

Our Results-Oriented Approach

Core Catalysts offers tangible results and real outcomes, not just plans that gather dust on the shelf. We get things done.

We bring a consultative and project-based ethos created from years of experience and training from some of the premier consulting organizations around the world. We also bring alliances to the table that can augment our team with other skills and locations from around the country.

Our approach includes:

Our Vision

Although many companies have vision statements that are written, but seldom used, Core Catalysts reviews our vision statement at each team meeting to ensure we are striving to meet its principles in letter and spirit:

We are a niche professional services firm, known for providing business performance enhancements throughout people, processes, and methodologies. Our focus on our clients is fanatical: they will win every time as a result of our engagements. Our people have fun with their work efforts and enjoy the teamwork and accomplishments achieved. Our people learn new skills over time that make them better. We care about the communities we live in and contribute our time, treasures, and talents in demonstrable ways.

Guiding Principles

We are committed to specific organizational values that have allowed us to make transformative change for your industry, and establish our reputation among management consulting firms in the U.S.

We are: