Every industry has unique challenges, opportunities, ups and downs. Having an experienced consultant who has worked in your industry can make all the difference in helping meet your business challenges. Our team members come from premier consulting organizations from around the world.


Increasing industry regulations.  Mergers and acquisitions. New systems implementations.  Project Management. Our consultants are experienced with navigating the reporting, governance, risk management and systems implementation issues you may not have time or the resources to keep up with.  Our history is built on helping our clients be successful.

“We have worked with the Core Catalysts team for many years over multiple projects. They are a seasoned team that takes a collaborative approach and seeks to provide the highest value for every project. They engage our team at all levels of the organization and respect everyone’s time as they integrate all perspectives and input. They always manage the project to meet or exceed the agreed upon timeline, and communicate the progress to make sure our team understands the project’s status. Being in a highly regulated industry, they know how to balance our regulatory requirements with our strategic goals. They work with the team that will manage the process after the project’s completion and provide the documentation necessary for our team to manage the future process. In every case, the projects have contributed many times the fees we paid to Core Catalysts as measured from both one time and future recurring expenses.”



It’s no secret healthcare is complex.  Core Catalysts consultants have experience with helping healthcare clients improve operational and back office processes, and financial and business modeling for new products and services.

“Our company has used Core Catalysts for many years on a multitude of projects.  They have consistently brought a team of high caliber, execution-oriented team members that quite simply produce high quality results in an extremely quick manner.  The projects have ranged from organizing our international health care efforts, developing complex business models to support our launch of new products and services, project management of key initiatives to researching market place needs.  They have learned our business model in an extremely quick time period which has led them to be effective team members when on the various projects.  Core Catalysts has leveraged their personal and business networks to help Nueterra in our various growth initiatives.”



Manufacturing companies come in many shapes and sizes. Process improvement can always assist in identifying back office inefficiencies.  Our consultants excel at financially focused projects that keep the bottom line in mind and provide returns many times our fees.  Product profitability, customer profitability, sales channel profitability – we love to analyze it all and leverage the results.


Companies focused on providing communications services are typical large entities and have many large applications from customer acquisition to provisioning to operations to billing and collections.  Using the data from all these applications for improving business results can be challenging.  Our consultants love to take on these types of challenges.


Companies in this industry are often large with many different technical disciplines that are required to work together to successfully deliver profitable projects to their end clients.  Our consultants can assist with process improvements that cross all major divisions and disciplines to enhance profitability.  And yes, we can implement the improvements if required.

“Core Catalysts offered us a second set of eyes as we created our Smart Integrated Infrastructure offering.  By applying a variety of skills and experiences they supported our assessment of several areas including our commercialization strategy, software development methodology and our sales management process.  They learned our business model quickly and collaborated with our in-house experts to produce a high quality result.  At the end of the day our work with them has led to new business opportunities that are highly valued.”