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Organizations in the insurance industry deliver meaningful services that benefit consumers’ quality of life. We admire how our client-partners in this industry have focused their major transformations on ways to better align their business goals with the needs of their end users.

As change agents, we can ensure that your organization continues its important work for the health of your business and those you serve through expert analysis, insights, and actionable steps.

Customized Solutions for Your Next Challenge

Core Catalysts is inspired by the significant results that the insurance industry can derive from our expertise, and we continue our work with your industry by delivering these solutions and more:

Core Catalysts’ team members average 15 to 20 years of experience meeting the insurance industry’s many needs. Partner with us, and we’ll work on your behalf to achieve the measurable results and sustainable change your organization requires.

Our Insurance Industry Case Studies Speak Volumes. Read Them Here.

The Core Catalysts team is made up of subject-matter experts in the diverse field of management consulting. We’ve worked with companies nationwide across many industries, and our methodologies are derived from decades of experience.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to ensure that your team exceeds your goals, sees significant returns on investment for our work, and meets your highest potential.

Explore our insurance industry case studies to discover what matters: the value of authentic business transformation.

Large Insurance Regulator

Find out how we provided data, technology, and resource analysis for a large regulator seeking service desk restructuring.

Health Insurance Provider

Discover how our solutions, including resources assessment, framework and methodology development, and training, helped establish a successful enterprise project management office.

Armed Forces Insurance Exchange

Learn how we delivered operations solutions, including implementation cycle time and cost optimizations and a software development life cycle process, to reduce expenditures that align with this carrier’s strategic investment plan.

We look forward to learning how we can play a role in your success story. Find out how by contacting our team today.

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Our mission is to create enduring solutions for whatever challenges you face in your industry.

Providing expertise across a number of disciplines and industries, Core Catalysts efficiently and effectively identify needs and develop a plan of action that turns your biggest hurdles into authentic opportunities for growth and change.

Begin a partnership with Core Catalysts today to experience the impact of our collaborative spirit, depth of expertise, and unwavering dedication to your organization.