First of all, we don’t use the word ‘partners’ lightly. We truly think partners are companies and teams that share the same vision and values that we have. And they have been proven to work with us and our clients in a collaborative way to create great success stories. Our partners have skills and solutions that complement our services and help to bring an even more powerful result to our clients. We work with our partners as a 2 way street and help them as much as they help us. We view partnerships as long term relationships and work hard to foster and maintain these relationships over time.

Smart Factory has created a mixed-methodology approach to Remote Workforce Management and Scale-to-Suit product development resulting in an entirely new approach to managing complex technology initiatives.

Smart Factory can help you launch your IT projects faster through leverage of just-in-time expertise and collaborate with you to accurately anticipate and react to change and eliminate the stress, all at a lower cost, with leading edge IT experts from around the world.

Services include:

The Smart Factory development staff spans the whole gamut of technology needs, including experts in mobile, AI, cloud computing, application modernization, legacy systems upgrades, integration, and product development.

IT Project Management
Smart Factory Project Managers match their methodology to the client need, be that Agile, SDLC, Scrum, or PMBOK (PMP). Smart Factory defy the classic rigidity of standard project management and pride ourselves on the flexibility and adaptability of our people and our processes.



The new world of technology requires constant forward motion—as long as it’s down the right road. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., INNOVA Consulting is a Microsoft Cloud consulting & solutions firm that asks the right questions and then listens—all to deliver a total IT strategy through custom application development, business applications, and IT usage and adoption assistance.

No more standing still. We’re bringing a fresh set of eyes for the road ahead, moving your business forward.

Our Core Values

Integrity • Respect • Customer Success • Value • Balance

Our Mission

To help our clients find success as they transform their business with Microsoft Cloud technologies.

Our Vision

To live at the forefront of technology, driving innovation and success for our clients.


BUCS was created to provide mid-sized businesses the insights to make better decisions, faster.

Since inception we have partnered with a large array of companies and collected invaluable experiences that continue to influence how we will best serve our clients in the present and future.

BUCS takes pride in the many client success stories, their new decision processes and their measurably improved performance.  We thrive on the energy that our customers get from achieving elusive goals.

We’ve also harnessed our experience with client systems to streamline the onerous data transformation process, from data access to insights.  This process allows BUCS to onboard in days to weeks’ time.   New clients can start thinking about critical issues right away and as they evolve we strive to help them transition from lagging to leading, or predictive methodologies.

Ultimately, BUCS provides mid-sized businesses a smart path to pursue advanced performance management analytics.   We guarantee you’ll move forward with confidence, speed, little-to-no disruption and responsible investment.  Contact us today.