We employ full time employees and sub-contractors. We do this so we can accommodate various client needs as well as our team members. We excel at discovering the client needs and forming the right mix of team members, solutions and skills to address the needs.


Some team members enjoy a consulting business model where they can add to their skills while working with teams of highly skilled people to accomplish a business result. They are compensated with salary, bonus and benefits typically experienced in larger consulting firms. They are energized by the excitement of working in multiple industries and varied work environments.

Other team members prefer a sub-contractor or part time employee role due to their personal circumstances and the nature of work. Sub-contractors are typically directed by our clients. We have an orientation process we use for sub-contractors and make other training opportunities available in order to communicate the Core Catalysts way of performing work efforts at our clients for consistency.

In all cases, we treat our team members as part of the Core Catalysts family and invite to the various team events, learning sessions, professional organization meetings and other team building opportunities we regularly host.


Often times our clients want a business outcome that can be accomplished with a multi-disciplined team that can work collaboratively in their environment. Other times, our clients want good consultants that can be directed as part of their team to accomplish goals. In all cases, our clients expect professional, highly ethical, and focused team members that are results oriented.


Consultants sometime transition to opportunities at companies similar to our clients, start or buy their own businesses or simply take time off to meet personal and family needs. We embrace and value our alumni and realize that lifelong relationships are equally as important as employee or sub-contractor relationships.