Achieve Operational and Executional Excellence

Optimize Your Business with a Project Management Office and Our Full Range of Focused Solutions

Achieving operational excellence requires an intensive focus on critical facets of your business, including key processes, profit margins, how projects are managed, and goals for business growth. Core Catalysts implements data analysis, strategic redesign, and research-based practices to help you enhance your business’s overall performance.

Core Catalysts’ Solutions for Operational and Executional Excellence

When we work with organizations to improve their processes and operations to help them reach new heights, we employ a key set of services that efficiently and effectively target areas for improvement.

Revenue growth and optimization

We help businesses with top-line issues while also seeking previously unexamined opportunities to maximize revenue.

Price and margin management

Through careful analysis, we identify opportunities for pricing changes to widen margins and find profitability.

Cost optimization and efficiency

We are committed to identifying cost-saving opportunities, improving operational efficiencies, and optimizing resource allocation to enhance profitability and competitiveness.

Operational improvement

We develop and implement strategies aligned with business goals, market demands, and industry trends by defining operational objectives, KPIs, and performance metrics.

Operational Excellence

We implement strategies to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage (e.g., reducing procurement costs; optimizing production, logistics, and distribution; reducing overhead costs; optimizing IT; and more).

Value Creation Office (VCO)

A VCO is a central hub designed to maximize return on investment and drive sustainable growth. It operates on a foundation of collaboration, agility, and industry insight, and acts as a strategic point to align leadership teams, optimize operational performance, and orchestrate seamless integration of current initiatives.

Program and project management office (PMO)

A PMO is dedicated to a single project.

Enterprise project and program management office (EPMO)

An EPMO helps execute a portfolio of planned and “in-flight” projects, while coordinating with the program and project management office.

Our Program and Project Management Office Services

From designing and implementing leading program and project management processes, to the consistent application of those processes, Core Catalysts works with clients when they need to establish a new value driven PMO and when they need to optimize their existing PMO to increase positive impact and value.

Deploying a New PMO

Each company is different and, therefore, their needs are different when it comes to establishing a PMO. Core Catalysts works closely with their clients to evaluate the needs of the organization. As part of this evaluation, Core Catalysts then helps to identify the right program and project management methodology. We then leverage our vast program and project management library to aid in the speed of operationalizing your new PMO. The entire effort is supported through structured and targeted coaching and mentoring to ensure the success of your new PMO.

Operating a PMO

Not sure your organization wants or needs to undertake a full time PMO? Consider outsourcing your PMO to Core Catalysts. We partner with our clients to understand their goals and culture and structure your outsourced PMO to achieve them.

Optimizing a PMO

Circumstances change and organizations grow, and so should your PMO. To meet the demands, consider using Core Catalysts to help you in optimizing and maturing your PMO. Core Catalysts gets to know your existing PMO and builds on their strengths while fortifying their weaknesses through a Rapid PMO Assessment®. Through this assessment Core Catalysts provides your organization with a transformational road map and detailed implementation plan to achieve your desired outcomes for the PMO.

Our Dedication to Exceptional Operational and Executional Excellence

When you leverage an expert consulting firm to accelerate your business goals, it is critical that their values align with yours to enable effective collaboration and bring about the transformation you are looking for. These are our core values as we dedicated ourselves to operational and executional excellence for your company:

Partner with Core Catalysts to Discover a New Definition of Excellence

Business excellence often requires the objective viewpoint of an external party to identify areas for improvement, whether your goal is maximizing profits, becoming more organizationally efficient, or refining small and large processes.

Although you may have a vision for what excellence looks like at your company, many businesses need help to meet this goal comprehensively. Core Catalysts can help you achieve a high-level of performance in the most critical areas of your business, so that your business can thrive from financial and operational perspectives, while enhancing your business’s culture.

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