New Team Member Announcement: Bob Tharp

We are pleased to announce that Bob Tharp has joined the Core Catalysts team. He brings with him over 30 years of sales, marketing and business development experience, in combination with over 20 years of IT and management consulting experience.

Bob is highly accomplished at helping clients achieve their revenue and profit goals by diagnosing and developing strategies to resolve the root cause issues stunting their growth. As director of sales, Bob will be responsible for growing revenue by helping our clients achieve their goals via the firm’s growth services, financial advisory, operational improvement, and IT management services.

Prior to joining Core Catalysts, Bob served as the vice president of consulting for Trabon Solutions, an IT consulting firm, led sales and marketing for RSM’s Performance Improvement Group in Kansas City, and was the director of commercial sales for StrategicOne, a marketing analytics and automation firm. He began his career at Hallmark Cards where he earned a reputation for achieving superior results by thinking differently and embracing new concepts.

Bob holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Kansas State University.