1. GWIN Migration Program

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    Armed Forces Insurance Exchange (AFI) is a personal lines carrier specializing in the military community spanning active duty, veterans, certain government agency personnel, and their immediate families. AFI needed to migrate off its legacy mainframe-based policy admin and claims system to a newer Platform supporting an updated set of products. That Migration Program was in year seven with minimal progress and extensive costs. AFI’s long-term strategy required migration of all lines of business from the legacy mainframe to the modern Platform at a supportable investment level.

  2. Commercial Division Deployment

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    A medium-sized credit union had started the process of developing and launching a new commercial division of their organization. Key to the success of the launch was the implementation of a core processing system and the related ancillary and Fintech products.

  3. EPMO Framework and Methodology

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    A health insurance provider had undertaken the efforts and initiatives associated with an enterprise-wide Transformation Office. As a natural progression of this undertaking, the company decided to operationalize the Transformation Office into an Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO).

  4. Service Desk Restructuring

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    A large insurance regulator was experiencing multiple challenges within the Service Desk Area. First, fully training new resources required a significant time and resource investment, which compounded the on-boarding process. Second, a new Help Desk service offering (Life Insurance Policy Locator Service) caused a significant increase in calls/requests for service. Third, the company was operating significantly below set staffing levels.

  5. Marlen International

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    Marlen needed to consolidate thermal manufacturing operations into their Riverside, MO headquarters. This required critical equipment relocation from Bristow, OK to Riverside. To accomplish this, efforts were focused on meeting Marlen’s timeline, budget, downtime expected during this move, and delivering overall results. The project included crafting a layout to assure optimal workflow constrained by a finite footprint.

  6. Lease Accounting Presentation for Banks Aug. 2017

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    This lease accounting presentation is tailored for banks and financial services.  It includes an overview of the new FASB lease standards, a list of potential implications for banks, and how external consultants can be leveraged to help implement the major lease accounting changes.

  7. Project Risk Management Part 1

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    The process of project risk management encompasses many different facets. This multi-part whitepaper will discuss specific elements of the major facets as well as cover the definition of risk, Risk Strategy, and how to execute upon that strategy.

  8. Core Catalysts – FEI Business Model Presentation Nov. 2016

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    This presentation provides tips, tricks, and examples that both business users and finance teams can use to develop and maintain a financial model. Core Catalysts presented this deck to finance professionals as part of FEI’s Fall Feast Professional Development Day.

  9. Lease Accounting Workflow

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    The following lease accounting implementation process flow represents a potential implementation project for a company.  This narrative will provide a high-level overview that will allow an efficient workflow analysis and better content understanding.  We can assist in any or all of the following project facets including stakeholders, tools, inventory, process, value, and reporting.


  10. Lease Accounting Insights

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    We have engaged with several individuals and companies as we have developed our lease accounting product offering through business development, hosting round tables, and other interactions. We are sharing our insights and tidbits of knowledge we believe will help as you implement the new lease accounting requirements. Our implementation methodology focuses on the following categories: