Success Stories

Healthcare Roadmap


Business Need

Our client was an innovative Health Insurance provider seeking to disrupt and transform their industry through reference-based pricing. Operating in a very complex marketplace, with such lofty goals, they sought Core Catalysts’ help in developing a Strategic Roadmap and twenty-four-month Operating Plan.

Services Provided

Strategic Communications: Our team helped the client refine their messaging and communication to be simple enough “that a third grader can understand,” and compelling enough to deliver significant sales growth.

Analytical Support: To be effective, and to secure the required investment, the operating plan needed to be underpinned by robust numbers, projections, and stretching yet realistic and achievable goals and KPI’s. Our team adopted both a bottom-up and top-down approach to help the client ensure their Strategic Roadmap was supported by solid analytics.

Executional Excellence: As a scrappy, boot-strapped start-up, our client was looking for a sufficiently detailed plan that would translate their high-level strategy into clear “Who/What/When/How/Why” activities that were accessible and easy for everyone to understand in order to energize employees, customers, and investors. Our team built an enterprise and functional plans that would achieve these objectives.

Value Provided

With a shared vision on organizational priorities, metrics, goals, what success looked like, and critical success factors, our client was able to build on their initial foundation of success with greater ability to tell their story, strengthened messaging, and a clear execution plan. Using the Strategic Roadmap and Operational Plan, they achieved explosive revenue and profit growth, and grew organizational headcount while maintaining a clear sense of the vision and mission, and the role of each function and employee in achieving them.