Success Stories

Management Consulting


Business Need

This financial services company was implementing a new core system, and their internal project management resources were not meeting expectations, due to lack of experience and necessary skills.  A new leadership team had just been put in place and time was of the essence due to regulatory pressures for addressing certain business issues such as credit scoring.  It was a complex implementation that consisted of multiple project teams, so the company was looking for external resources with the appropriate skill sets to manage the system implementation.

Services Provided

Core Catalysts provided a small team of experienced project managers to help with the system implementation.  The team was responsible for the following:

  • Setting up project management processes and procedures
  • Organizing document repositories to facilitate sharing of information across project team members and key stakeholders
  • Helped develop RFPs for vendors, including creating scoring mechanism and selection criteria
  • Working with a third-party vendor which included resolving several difficult issues
  • Communicating with project stakeholders
  • Escalating issues to the Steering Committee when appropriate

Value Provided

Core Catalysts was able to bring experienced project management resources that stabilized staffing and refocused efforts on the appropriate tasks.  The Core Catalysts team also provided templates that were used to set up project management tools and processes.  Our team served as advisors to the executive team, but we also provided an objective and disciplined project management approach that was not influenced by internal politics.  The project was implemented on time and within the revised budget estimates.

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