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Marlen International


Business Need

Marlen needed to consolidate thermal manufacturing operations into their Riverside, MO headquarters. This required critical equipment relocation from Bristow, OK to Riverside. To accomplish this, efforts were focused on meeting Marlen’s timeline, budget, downtime expected during this move, and delivering overall results. The project included crafting a layout to assure optimal workflow constrained by a finite footprint.

Services Provided

Core Catalysts worked collaboratively with the Marlen team to ensure that their specific needs were both identified and met. The client’s budget was watched closely, and any issues were communicated to the client and resolved quickly. The following steps were taken to complete the project:

  • Completed a task list – Major components that needed to be relocated were assessed and a task list drawn up based on the decommissioning, move, installation, recommissioning, and startup.
  • Projected a Timeline – Based on the task list, a timeline was created that was reviewed as a team to ensure the efficient use of management hours, as well as identify what time-based constraints needed to be adhered to.
  • Drafted a Floor Plan – The design of the floor plan was iterated upon multiple times. This was done to optimize the placement of equipment with regards to minimizing steps, and maximizing efficiency based on material flow.
  • Finalized a Working Design – Core Catalysts worked with the contractors to determine the placement of mechanical and electrical connections and concluded on the final design.
  • Moving, Testing, and Startup – Equipment was moved in two waves, and began installing, testing, and initiating start-up tasks based on the timeline and the floor plan. Contractors finalized the installation, and after the requisite city inspections, operating permits were issued.

Value Provided

Core Catalysts set the client at ease with a thorough and time and budget conscious work ethic. To be certain that Marlen benefited from Core Catalysts’ efforts, special attention was paid to the floor plan. The layout was designed in such a way that future installations and material flow were accounted for to make sure that output would always be efficiently maximized. This was done using only the necessary project management hours as a means of minimizing downtime and to complete the project within the given timeframe. Some contingency plans were also put into place to help the client deal with any possible issues with equipment in the future, and to easily bring Core Catalysts back on board should our services be required once more.

Core Catalysts understood our needs and was able to match us with a project manager to get the job done. The project was done on time, under budget and with no surprises. Appreciate Dan and his project management skills.”

-Brad Claycamp, Director of Operations at Marlen

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