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  1. The Gig Economy and Subject Matter Experts

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    The popularity of a “gig economy” is continuously increasing. According to the American Staffing Association, many Americans view this as a relatively new way to describe non-traditional work, but actually this concept has existed for a while.

    This term is often used with musicians, referring to a performance as a “gig.” A musician provides short-term, specialized entertainment for its audience, fulfilling an important role that not everyone can do.

    In a similar manner, Core Catalysts fulfills the need for a gig economy by providing short-term, just-in-time Subject Matter Expertise (SMEs) that have extremely focused skill sets. While we provide consultants in a variety of other ways, this option is perfect for teams that know what needs to be done but have neither the time nor the skills to do it.

    These resources typically fill a resource gap for our clients,  a gap where an extremely talented person can quickly step into a role where our client has a void in either the number of resources needed or the skillset desired.  In this situation, our client knows what they need done and our resources are given specific directions and are often guided by client project management resources.  We carefully vet resources that desire to work in this manner, and we surround them with the appropriate project management and intellectual property protection mechanisms to ensure a positive experience for our clients.

    In the short-term SME area, the typical skill set we have available can be described in the following ways:

    • Technical IT infrastructure skills – AWS and Azure development, integration, configuration, and optimization. And the ability to modernize legacy systems.
    • Software development skills – more common areas include API development and .Net developers. Also includes LoCode applications and mobile development.
    • Business Process Automation – requires process minded people teamed with developers and third-party software. Can also include AI/Machine Learning in some cases.
    • Systems integrations – including commercial platforms (CRM, CMS, LMS, ERP and Logistics)
    • Data analytics – building and integrating systems, leveraging data for business impact.
    • Experienced Project Managers, Business Process Improvement and Business Analyst resources.

    Our process includes finding people that work in the short term SME space, vetting them for their technical and professional skills, performing appropriate background investigations, providing them a secure environment for document and code development, document storage, managing them through the specific project, and providing performance feedback, all as needed.

    Call us for more information at 913.752.9406 or visit our web site at www.corecatalaysts.com.

    Jim Wadella, Owner/Founder