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  1. CORE CATALYSTS Rapid Cash Management (RCM) Assessment

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    We’re all in uncharted territory with the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Companies that last through this crisis will have Executives who rapidly assessed these new circumstances, recognized patterns and opportunities, and acted with urgency to take immediate action to pivot and financially secure their companies. Those that don’t may not survive.

    Right now, your company’s responsibility as an Executive team is to do your best to ensure a solid financial situation for your company and to ensure your employees, customers, and vendors have what they need to minimize damage.

    Putting it even more bluntly, your company’s survival in this downturn can be captured in a simple formula:


    The speed and time to take to reach an understanding of the situation
    The size and kind of pivots, cuts, and ‘lifeboat’ decisions you have to make and implement
    The speed and time you take to make those changes

    It is unfortunate, because Core Catalysts has deep experience jumping in to organizations, running 13 week cash flow forecasts, and then identifying and implementing action plans to maximize cash flow, our five day Rapid Cash Management (RCM) Assessment™ playbook is readily applicable to those who are in a cash-flow negative situation, or who are about to enter one, meaning we can help assess the new normal and respond with speed and urgency …

    We have a proven approach and teams of experienced ‘hands-on’ people that mean we can help your organization align across all business functions, do the critical analysis and planning within the space of a week, and to start implementing, to make all of this achievable.

    Interested / want to find out more? Please give us a call at 913-752-9406 or click here for other ways to contact us.

    Mark Jacobs, Client Service & Delivery