The Best Kept Secret In Kansas City…

Here is THE best kept secret in Kansas City for improving and growing your business.  Core Catalysts is a management consulting company that has some of the best handpicked minds in town.

We have experiences across multiple industries and multiple disciplines.  We are supported by tools and templates that can be brought to bear and accelerate solutions that their clients may need.  We are focused on making their clients successful.  Making clients successful can take many forms including:

  • Process improvement of a back-office process that streamlines the Accounts Payable efforts
  • Program and project management of key business initiatives like implementing a new Core banking system in record time that enables the acquisition of more clients
  • Providing some stability in leadership gaps on a flexible basis so that the company can recover from key issues in its staffing – objective, aggressive change leadership for significant business growth
  • Assisting with the fast and accurate acquisitions of multiple business entities and then driving an integration plan that results in overall business value increases
  • Facilitating the development of strategic plans that have clear executive buy in, actions, responsibilities and metrics
  • Assessment and identification of business issues that may not be apparent to the existing leadership teams; a fresh set of skilled eyes that can sport issues with low gross margins, sales effectiveness, branding issues, gaps between strategy and execution plans to name a few
  • Development of clear action and implementation plans that can be used by the client’s existing team while training them along the way; teach the clients how to fish

So why is Core Catalysts the best kept secret?  For several reasons:  our advertising and marketing budget is small (we keep our overhead rates low), we are humble, mid-westerners not used to bragging to everyone about our successes, many companies may think they can’t ‘afford us’ not knowing that paybacks on our services are typically astronomical and this is a hard to understand and believe sales message!

So give us a try and ask our clients more importantly to give you a sense of reality and comfort.  We have many client success stories ranging from the $20M client to the multi-$Bs clients across multiple industries.

Jim Wadella, Owner – Founder