We are the Sweet Spot…

“We are the Sweet Spot” – Warning – HUGE Sales message coming your way…firmly cemented in reality…

There are various flavors of staffing firms and management consulting firms. Staffing firms provide resumes only and you hope to get a good resource to help you get through a business need/situation, but you have to direct the resources along the way typically. Management consultants come in many flavors, cost structures and results and can vary widely. There is the Big 4 version (large accounting/consulting firms) for the mega projects that uses kids right out college presumably directed by more seasoned managers and maybe a partner while other consulting versions have a specific solution or skill area that they focus on (“here is the hammer, where is the nail?”).

Core Catalysts is in the Sweet Spot between all these various models by providing flexible resources at economical price points that are balanced with providing business value for the services. That’s a lot of high level words and a very bold claim so let’s break it down some:

Flexible resources – We have worked for years in identifying and hand selecting people that share some common traits: high intelligence (IQ), high emotional intelligence (EQ), multiple industry experiences, strong consultative skills and extreme team orientation.  These people can work in flexible arrangements given some are contractors and prefer this employment model while some are full time salaried employees of Core Catalysts.  Not every client need demands 40 hours on site and we respect and accel at matching the needs to the resource requirements.  Our team can operate individually or as a larger team; they always have access to Core Catalysts templates, processes, methods and deliverables examples if needed.

Economical price points – no, we are not the ‘lowest cost’ provider.  We compensate our consultants according to market rates and the work content.  We don’t carry high overhead in terms of office space, administrative services or suites at all the major sporting events.  The pricing has to be flexible to meet each client’s needs and budgetary constraints.

Providing business value – we seek to understand the value that our clients want to achieve in any given situation.  This is easier said than done.  Sometimes this is expressed to us in terms like “we want this languishing project to just get completed so we can take on other efforts”.  In other situations, our client wants to improve product profitability by x% by understanding their current pricing by SKU by client and then making pricing adjustments to accomplish this.  In yet other cases, our client says “we need an efficient business development process so that we can acquire physician practices faster and integrate them into the national business model”.  Some clients want a predictable, flexible resource to provide executive presence and leadership to an organization that may be in turmoil or in high business growth mode or just to a backfill until a permanent person can be hired.

So by providing a high quality team that can work in flexible work arrangements at economical rates and focused on providing business value to our clients, we believe we are truly at the “Sweet Spot” for our services.  Just ask our clients!

Jim Wadella, Owner – Founder