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October 2020

Executive On Demand Feature: Marvin Motley

Marvin Motley is a senior executive leader driving Fortune 100 value through procurement, cost savings and operational process improvements across $10B global sourcing. Marvin draws on his legal and organizational leadership to optimize analytics and spend, while creating improvements across a wide variety of functions and commodities. His strong leadership has improved prices across 38k […]

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March 2020

9 Steps to Reduce Risks in Global Supply Chains

Many companies embrace global supply chains for the financial and competitive advantages they offer. Some have no choice because the raw materials or products they require only exist or are manufactured in certain parts of the world. But, for all the benefits associated with global supply chains, there are also risks. Those risks include transportation […]

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July 2010

Creating Organizational Value in the Supply Chain

Today‚Äôs marketplace is competitive. Businesses in all industries are looking for ways to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Maximizing the supply chain process can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line. Recently, two of our executives discussed how they help companies to create significant value in their supply chain and how suppliers can […]

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