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April 2024

Still the Best Kept Secret in Kansas City…

  We posted this several years ago and get reminded often from our clients and prospects that it is “spot on” with our message. This means it comes both from our experiences and our client feedback gathered over time – and you can check our work on that! Here is THE best kept secret in […]

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November 2023

Revenue Creation Health Check

Creating a Roadmap to Sustainable Growth Revenue is the undisputed lifeblood of a company, yet its creation often goes unexamined. While it’s common for companies to perform comprehensive financial audits and operational, risk, and IT assessments, it’s rare for companies to assess their revenue creation activities in the same way. In reality, most companies manage […]

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October 2023

EPMO in 2023

John F. Kennedy said that “Change is the law of life.” His thoughts certainly are appropriate for the current state of employment in the US. We have seen such dramatic changes since the “Great Resignation” in 2021. During 2021, we experienced record breaking changes in employment. In fact, 2021 delivered the highest average on record […]

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August 2023

Communication: Finance and IT Groups

We have been supporting clients across many industries and sizes for as many years. Our group’s collective experience is estimated at over 150 years, in fact. Our team has worked at notable consulting companies including Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Alvarez and Marsal, Cognizant, and Cap Gemini to name just a few. This coupled with team […]

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July 2023

Roll-Ups: Lessons for Private Equity

Core Catalysts works with Private Equity (PE) firms across a broad range of types of engagement, from strategy to due diligence, through to integration planning and operational improvement. Recently we have worked closely with multiple firms on their strategies for industry roll-ups. From this, we have distilled several lessons we thought it would be worthwhile […]

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June 2023

Growth Strategies in a Recession

While many business fundamentals remain robust, it is fair to say that the global economy isn’t exactly thriving, and chances of at least a mild recession in the near future are high. However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on growth! There are multiple potential strategies that can help your business grow and […]

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January 2023

A 2022 Retrospective, and 2023 Predictions

Last year, we posed some questions for 2022 (see the original article here), based around a few common sense predictions on what was likely to happen in the year ahead. After the positive reaction to that post, we thought it would be fun to review how accurate our thoughts for 2022 were, and to consider […]

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November 2022

ERP: When and How to Upgrade Your System

When analyzing the effectiveness of your ERP system, consider the following questions: Are you relying on multiple systems and software solutions to manage your business? Do you feel a lot of time is being wasted on manual processes and data input? Do your current business systems suffer from an obvious lack of features, slow or […]

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April 2022

EPMO and Attrition

During 2021, we experienced record breaking changes in employment. In fact, 2021 delivered the highest average on record for employees leaving their employer, which equated to an average of 3.9 million resignations each month. You may be thinking that is old news, or you may be thinking it really isn’t that important. What these staggering […]

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March 2022

Questions for 2022 Pt. 4: Automation

Today we offer the final post in a series focusing on questions for 2022. You can read the previous posts on data literacy, price increases, and expense control here, here, and here. This week, we further explore the opportunity to evaluate (or reevaluate) business cases for increased automation in light of the current business environment, […]

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