March 2019

Reflections on the Kansas City Market and Our Clients (Part 2 of 2)

My previous blog highlighted some of trends we are seeing in the Kansas City market in the industries and clients we serve.  These trends can be verified by sources such as the recent Country Club Capital Advisors report on M&A activity The State of M&A in Kansas City The trends of services support needs across […]

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September 2017

Creating Transformation across Manufacturing, IT and IoT

Recently, a few of our executives discussed IoT’s business potential, challenges and competitive advantage in manufacturing. JoLinda Vega, Steven Ham and Brian Howell. We live and work in a world of rapid change. Businesses must be focused on innovation with its people, process and technology to thrive in a highly competitive economy. Executive leadership is […]

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May 2017

Lease Accounting Workflow

Introduction The following lease accounting implementation process flow represents a potential implementation project for a company.  This narrative will provide a high-level overview that will allow an efficient workflow analysis and better content understanding.  We can assist in any or all of the following project facets including stakeholders, tools, inventory, process, value, and reporting.   Stakeholders […]

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March 2017

A Snapshot: Lease Accounting

Here is a high level overview… of the upcoming Lease Accounting guidance coming from the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). Use it for education purposes or for your explanation to those not tracking these guidelines like we do! Need some more tools or ideas on how to easily comply? Give us a call! – Jim […]

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February 2017

Here Comes Lease Accounting: 7 Things Companies are Saying

Some may think we have gone off to the accounting deep end here…  Please bear with us. Many people know that the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issues new guidance periodically for accounting standards and that Revenue Recognition and Lease Accounting are quickly coming up for implementation dates.  Many companies are in the throes of […]

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May 2016

Consulting as a Profession – Part II

This is the second in a short series that furthers some thoughts I have developed over the years in regards to Consulting as a Profession.  In this document I talk about the perception of business value from using consultants.  The definition of ‘consultants’ is worth noting here first as there can be widely different ones.  […]

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January 2016

Consulting as a Profession – Part I

I have been in a consulting career for many years with several companies and find myself explaining the profession to many that I meet. Consulting is a learned set of skills that can be acquired through extensive formal training coupled with on-the-job training, mentoring and a heavy dose of individual learning. I have found that […]

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July 2010

Creating Organizational Value in the Supply Chain

Today’s marketplace is competitive. Businesses in all industries are looking for ways to increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs. Maximizing the supply chain process can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line. Recently, two of our executives discussed how they help companies to create significant value in their supply chain and how suppliers can […]

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